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May 27, 2009
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The Cosplay Guide: Tips II by Goddesofthemoon The Cosplay Guide: Tips II by Goddesofthemoon
Iím glad my advice and tips have helped out those that have seen it. Don't forget to share. =]
FB Group DIY Cosplayer Help

Hereís a little confidence booster for you guys:


Look at Ryuk:


Proof you donít need a multi-million dollar budget to have an awesome costume. A theory proved by the so called, ďDragon ballĒ movie.

More non-Asian cosplayers:





Three friends that cosplay together.

A little heads up:

= Make sure before you go to a con that the props that you and your crew have are allowed to be used on convention grounds otherwise they will be confiscated and you will not get them back.

= Regularly check the official boards of the Con you will be attending, the forums hold awesome tips and links to tutorials and sites that could help you. Not to mention you get to find out things before your friends. =]

= Remember, extra batteries and memory/film for your cameras is a must.

= If youíre getting a hotel, chances are the convention center is in a city, chances of you finding a 24/7 super market within walking distance of your hotel is slim to nil. Donít spring for something that is close by just because itís within walking distances. Most likely itíll be the most expensive of them all. Look for a hotel with supermarketís or super-centers around it. Corner stores and restaurants.

= Speaking from experience one year at Otakon I got a really bad cut on my foot. If I had been at a hotel closer to the con I probably would have had to wait to get the medical supplies I needed to take care of the wound. Convenience is good, but having resources are better. Not to mention its Cheaper for the hotel rooms and food.

= If you do get hotelís close by, invest in a cooler and ice for late night snacking and drinks, get food that doesnít perish from supermarkets or get Lunch meat and store it in the cooler.

= Watch out for beggars, most are not poor.

= For all those spenders out there. Ration your money so you donít go dead broke. Have a budget, forget to take your card with you or leave your money in the hotel room.

= If you're going to do an original outfit for a character actually make the effort to BE original. Don't put on a dress and call it cosplay. Use your imagination!


A very well organized site of tutorials. =]

Many posted in this thread, as well as the forum.

Atashi from Chobits : [link]

One I am currently using and am very happy with. For those that use this x2 or x4 means you need that many of that pattern.

You might get lucky on this site with some of the wigs but this is more or less only good for cheap but good props for Naruto cosplays.

Iíve been hearing about this Fifi-mahoneyÖ After a half hour of finally finding the site I had no clue how to look for or even order a wig. Iíve been hearing that they do custom wigs, honestly, I have no clue. I donít really trust the site on the fact that when on it I could not click to go to their accessories as well as other links.

I definitely recommend Carrotanime for some styled wigs as well as some costumes. They also sell a selection of shoes and costumes with standard shipping to all countries. They sell many Lolita outfits and accessories and hands down, if their props are anything like the pictures your definitely in for a real treat without crying about your bank account.

she sells a pretty good set of props, and fantasy weapons. Iím not sure of prices but you pay half before half after. She does commissions. Yes, but make sure you provide what she needs or itís a no go. She does not do props over four feet long I believe and she sells ball joint doll clothing and wigs. C:

I found this prop site by accident too. The guy who sells this stuff has great quality merchandise but Iím not all too entirely sure of the cost. If you want one of his props just message him for a quote. [link] There.

awesome props, thatís all I got to say. =]

QQcosplay, if youíve ever heard of it, forget it. Their quality is poor considering their prices. I would not even recommend this to fellow cosplayers unless you really want to waste your money.

pretty good selection of costumes, even some you wonít find most other places.
they sell pretty good props and accessories as well.

When buying props and accessories it is good to compare prices as well as quality. Be cheap, but be reasonable. Make sure you keep in touch with the people you are ordering from, donít be difficult. Thatís an almost 1oo% guarantee that youíre going to get a crappy product. Be patient, and always have the guts to try and talk down a price.

If you donít see a costume you want, donít hesitate to ask them VIA Email if they could do a quote or custom for you. Be friendly, be fun. =]

Make sure your measurements are accurate; if youíre not sure add an inch or so. Remember, you can take things in but you canít let them out.

If you have a grandmother, or mother, or family friend thatís into crafting, chances are she/he has a load of fabrics in the house as well as any small things you might need. Ask before you purchase.


The wiki : [link]
When binding the chest it is good to have Cloth, or ace bandages handy. One or two rolls are just enough unless you have bigger breasts and then a third or fourth might be helpful.

When you bind your most likely going to be sweating so it is good to put cotton balls or tissues, the one for your noses, folded neatly and tucked underneath and between the breast area. Be careful not to scratch and make sure that the bindings are loose enough to breath, but tight enough to restrict.

You can also use the bandages that are use for casts, the sticky but not actually sticky kind of ace bandage. Get rolls of gauze to go beneath.

I found this site a bit ago, it is pretty interesting and you girls should take a look at it.

Ironically, you can most likely use a males girdle for stomach compression for female chest compression.
If youíre buying shirt that is a compressor, get a size smaller [possibly] than you are for extra compression [only if itís going to be used for a short time], your body naturally stretches it out as you go on wearing it. Make sure to pay attention to washing directions.


Though these are for male conditions they can probably be used for the female use as well.

Most are very expensive so if youíre looking to do it cheap then stick with gauze and ace bandages. =]

Make sure you have someone to help you wrap yourself when needed. Beware of the hazards, long time compression can cause chest damage. When being compressed make sure you are not participating in too much strenuous activity, you can strain yourself. Make sure itís not too tight, I canít stress this enough.

Remember not to scratch when sweating or you can peel off your own skin. Use cotton balls in between the breast and beneath. =]


A few tutorials on how to make your own wigs. There are several ways you can do this but you will be making them like a weave.

This one is a good one, less professional but very detailed. You do not need to do all of her steps.

His techniques are good.

If you get 'long' hair, you can reuse the fibers using this as a basis.

[link] Making wefts for wigs.

Supplies you'll need:

Wig needles - there is a combo that is sold. 3 needles and thread. Can be picked up at just about any wig shop or beauty store.

Multi-use weaving cap - A type of weaving cap to use, it gives a professional feel and if your head is smaller then how you make it then this is good for adjusting. one could also use a simple wig cap though it is not as clean looking in the end.

Hair tracks/wefts - There are many different brands. It is your choice which you want to use.

Most of the other supplies are listed in the video's, you can find a lot of it online but you should definitely look around for cheaper products if you are strapped for cash. Check your local beauty store.

These tutorials can be used with Synthetic or Human hair. Both can be purchased in packs a any wig store. Human hair longer than 8" can get pretty pricey. This is not recommended for abnormal coloured wigs such as pink, green, red, blue, white, orange, yellow, ect., ect. While you can find coloured packs of synthetic hair they are expensive and pretty hard to find. If you use human hair you can purchase in a blond and dye the hair the colour you need. Some synthetics take to dying but it is rare and few. If you are unsure ask the person you are purchasing your tracks/wefts from. A knowledgeable seller would know.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

If you have valuable tips you want to add please, donít hesitate to note me and you will be given your due credit.
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who-stole-my-cheese Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Meow! Using the first one I found a site for contacts.... But I'm having trouble with hair... I want to cosplay as Keritzel from Shilin's Manga: Carciphona! I have short hair (for a girl) that's about the right length but I don't know how to style it and it's dark dark dark dark brown so I don't know how to die it green... >.<
Goddesofthemoon Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
You would bleach your hair then dye it green if you needed it bright. You'd dye it lighter than dye it green for a medium shade. For a dark shade just dye it green. You can find green dye in various hair outlets such as sallys and occasionally in the hair dye isle at wal mart.

You would style it like you would your hair normally but obviously to the character.
who-stole-my-cheese Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Agh it needs to be pretty light but I couldn't ever bleach my hair or die it a lighter color......
Goddesofthemoon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
try a wig
Shit-Its-Belarus Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
((Can anyone please help me with a Black Butler cosplay? My friends have asked me to cosplay Sebastian and I still have no clue how to properly cosplay him. I'm 9 inches shorter than him and um.. a bit on the curvy side for a girl. I don't know how to actually get it done and look presentable for the conventions we are going to. (And it doesn't help that the Ciel cosplayer is taller than me...) I have green and brown hair and really dark brown eyes and I don't think red contacts will show up very well. If someone could suggest some reasonably affordable cosplay material sites then I would be really thankful. I need to get this done by October and May, I might be going to two conventions.

Sorry if this bothers you but all of my friends who cosplay tried to talk to me about it and I didn't understand it at all. TT_TT The two pages of tips did help me know what not to do though.

Giving me tips on a Hungary (Hetalia) cosplay would help too.))
Goddesofthemoon Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Red contacts would show up on brown eyes.

You can wear platforms for added height but its not necessary. You can dye your hair black or simply buy a wig. 

To hide your curves wear a chest binder and pad your curves with cushions. You can make them or buy some, even using folded socks would work.
Shit-Its-Belarus Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
((Thank you so much. This helped a lot. ^J^))
marema123 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student Photographer
Hello, I am going to Cosplay as Prussia ((hetalia)) but i need wear glasses, or else i cant see anything....
Do you think its alright to cosplay with glasses, even if the character dosen't have glasses????????

((sorry for my bad english, I am from norway :P))
Goddesofthemoon Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
You can get contacts if it bothers you that much but its your costume and you can do what you want. If you want to strive for accuracy I would look in getting your contact prescription and buying coloured contacts you need for the costume in your contact prescription.
hinata1yuki Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that would be ok but you might want to get colored contacts for his red eyes
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